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DRAMARAMA Rooted in distorted grit, punk energy, and American songbook eloquence, Dramarama has always been both classic and cutting-edge. With the group’s seventh full-length and first album in 15 years, Color TV, the iconic New Jersey alternative rock quintet—John Easdale [singer, songwriter], Mark Englert [lead, rhythm guitar] Peter Wood [lead, rhythm guitar], Mike Davis [bass], and Tony Snow [drums]—not only preserve but strengthen the spirit that established them as a music-history-making force in 1982. Color TV amplifies their significance once again for a new era.

  • Pop savant John Easdale / Dramarama…first album in 15 years is the finest of an impressively consistent career.A’ #8 Dean’s List 2020 –  Robert Christgau
  • The band’s new album Color TV features some of lead singer / songwriter John Easdale’s fiercest and most moving compositions – American Songwriter

Dramarama Color TV Tracks:

  1. Beneath The Zenith
  2. Up To Here
  3. The Cassette
  4. Swamp Song
  5. It’s Only Money
  6. Abandoned Love
  7. What’s Your Sign?
  8. Everyday
  9. Hold Me Tight
  10. The Only Thing (Stupid/Brilliant)
  11. You, You, You
  12. Half Right

DRAMARAMA Legendary debut album, Cinéma Vérité blends everything from British Invasion panache and glam influences to punk energy and back again.  Guitarists Mr. E Boy (Mark Englert) and Peter Wood distill the kick of performers like Keith Richards, Mick Ronson, and Mott the Hoople-era Mick Ralphs into a hot-wired combination, while rhythm section Chris Carter (bass) and Anant Jesse Farbman (drums) hit the beat with heart and talent. The results are jaw dropping.

Dramarama Cinéma Vérité Tracks:

  1. Visiting The Zoo
  2. Questions?
  3. Scenario
  4. Anything, anything (I’ll Give You)
  5. Femme Fatale
  6. Candidate
  7. Some Crazy Dame
  8. Transformation
  9. All I Want
  10. Emerald City

Sean Della Croce is a songwriter with a voice powerfully tuned to every story she tells. Her debut album Illuminations is a blend of folk wisdom with Americana heart and a truly alternative soul.  Produced by LA-based musician and producer Alan Deremo, Nashville native Della Croce is joined on the album by a crew of amazing musicians including renowned steel guitar player Greg Leisz and vocalist Mollie Weaver.

“Sean Della Croce is able to knock you off your feet in about five seconds flat.” – American Songwriter

“A beauty of a record. Don’t miss.”  – Gretchen Peters

Sean Della Croce Illuminations Tracks:

  1. Then, Now
  2. Illuminations
  3. Catharine Street
  4. In Confidence
  5. Break in the Rain
  6. Rebecca Henry
  7. Weak Days
  8. Pacific Coast Heartbreak
  9. Lille
  10. Monument
  11. Be All End All
  12. Catharine Street (Acoustic)

Jeremy & The Harlequins album, ABRA CaDaBRA is a lush, orchestral, widescreen vision of all of life’s ups and downs, pandemic or otherwise. That Jeremy & The Harlequins have been able to infuse this album with that spirit, all on their terms, makes this album all the more impressive, powerful and – true to its title – magical!

Jeremy & The Harlequins deliver music magic – Glide magazine

Jeremy & The Harlequins ABRA CaDaBRA

  1. It Won’t Be Love
  2. One Shot (of Rock ‘n’ Roll)
  3. Afterlife
  4. Lullaby In The Dark
  5. Let Me Out Of You
  6. You Gotta Be Bad
  7. World On Fire
  8. Someone Else
  9. Heaven
  10. Don’t Take Debbie Away
  11. Murdered Me
  12. Looking Out My Window
  13. November Night

CODY BROOKS is back porch rock & roll. Gutbucket blues. Gypsy jazz.  Cody Brooks plays it all, whipping up a raw, rootsy racket with help from a 1929 B&J Victoria parlor guitar and a voice that’s as wild and roughhewn as the Tennessee backwoods. Jack White meets Tom Waits!

Holy Cow that first song by Cody Brooks is outstanding. Listening to some of the other songs too. So good. He’s inventive, different, kind of edgy.-  Rock and Blues Muse

Cody Brooks First World Problems

  1. Scream
  2. First World Problems
  3. Real Man
  4. Stay Gone
  5. Beware
  6. Brave
  7. Dirty
  8. Shake It
  9. Snake In The Kitchen
  10. Sunny Days

Kid Moxie Shine Indie Alt, Indie Pop, Electronic, Synthwave – A blend of powerful beats, noir pop melodies and haunting soundscapes, Kid Moxie’s music is ethereal and engrossing. Kid Moxie’s musical collaborations are diverse and unexpected, from indie upstarts like Gaslamp Killer to the legendary Angelo Badalamenti, with whom she created a new version of “Mysteries of Love,” originally recorded with David Lynch and Julee Cruise on the classic Blue Velvet soundtrack

Kid Moxie Better Than Electric

  1. Shine
  2. Better Than Elextric (Featuring Maps)
  3. At End Of Night
  4. Unbroken
  5. Thunderstruck
  6. Miss Robot
  7. Lost In Time
  8. Odyssey
  9. Black Flower
  10. On A Sunday Night
  11. Odyssey (remix by Die Arkitekt)
  12. On A Sunday Night (remix by Franklin)
  13. Better Than Electric (Last Chance Remix by Dimitris Papaspyropoulos)
  14. Shine (Remix Die Arkitekt)

Over a patchwork of Americana, soul and rock, Boston singer/songwriter Billy Dodge Moody explores themes of family dynamics, mental illness, relationships, and grief with unfiltered candor.

“Wildlife,” the debut single from the upcoming album, Condition, is a roots-rock driven exploration into many of the record’s themes, namely mental illness, as moody poignantly illustrates the importance of humanity accepting the natural, emotional ups and downs that come with being alive

Billy Dodge Moody Condition

  1. Wildlife
  2. Mother
  3. Highway To The Blue Sky
  4. Visitor
  5. Zanzibar Moon
  6. Old Me
  7. Morning Fly
  8. Better
  9. Charlie
  10. Silence
  11. Swindler