Billy Dodge Moody releases his new album CONDITION!

Billy Dodge Moody releases his new album CONDITION!


Life moves in seasons. Between birth and death, we experience joy, pain, loss, triumph, and everything else in between. The human condition hinges upon such instances of constant change. Boston singer and songwriter Billy Dodge Moody ponders this ebb and flow on his third full-length and debut album for Pasadena Records, Condition. Over a patchwork of Americana, soul, and rock, he explores family dynamics, depression, marriage, and saying goodbye to friends and loved ones gone too soon with unfiltered candor.

“It’s an examination of the human condition as seen through my eyes and my experiences over the years,” he states. “I wanted to make this music as human as possible, diving into universal themes pertaining to mental illness, grief, family, ambition, identity, and our relationship with the natural world. Given the more solemn nature of the lyrics, I aimed to perform a sort of balancing act by pairing these sad stories with a more uplifting musical tone. I’m typically attracted to more complicated stories that incite mystery when it comes to songwriting, and the human condition is a complex, enigmatic subject to say the least. For me, it’s always a rewarding exercise to critically examine who I am, and if I’m lucky, it can sometimes lead to enlightening discoveries into why we are the way we are.”





The new album by Billy Dodge Moody, Condition is available for sale and streaming now on PASADENA RECORDS!