The marketing and promotion of current releases should not be the exclusive domain of young artists and bands.  Often the release of new music by legacy artist is an afterthought to never ending business of touring.  Our approach for legacy marketing is to provide overarching strategy for not just a single release but build a plan that can incorporate multiple releases and enhance the power of touring for our legacy clients.


We work with our label and management partners and offer fresh perspective and insight to the marketing and imaging of our clients that can include A&R, video concepts, band imaging as well connecting relevant marketing partners and platforms.  Legacy artists have a long history and culture associated with years of dedication to their art and we seek to bring current relevance to each project.  We look to invigorate the base and engage new fans.


We can work on three, six, twelve and twenty four month campaigns through multiple releases.  The cost effectiveness in thinking in longer terms is that once the promotion marketing machine is turned on the need to build on and feed the fans provides many more opportunities for success.  We are not reinventing the wheel but we are more diligent in maintaining the brand and providing oil and servicing where needed.

Our campaigns include executing and managing the following:


  • Long lead press for each release that also includes tour press, interviews, features etc.
  • TV appearances for all appropriate shows along with destination web shows.
  • Special press events press.
  • Targeted media that may include musician, songwriter and blog publications.


Working with artist/directors in soliciting treatment and create music video w/ EPK-Documentary that can support marketing objectives.

  • Special legacy shows on broadcast and web platforms
  • Servicing of all broadcast video outlets.
  • Developing and executing a YouTube video channel strategy.
  • Servicing of Video pools that service restaurants, chain stores and other public locations that utilize music videos.


Determine viability in key radio formats and look for additional radio exposure outside of current radio formats.

  • Determine Key formats execute servicing and promotions effort.
  • Create special event for key Radio and Press to preview album w/ the band
  • On Tour events to be planned with Radio
  • Engage relevant music conventions with artist involvement.


  • Solicit key placement for single(s), EP’s and album on all DSP platforms.  Provide editorial marketing and release strategy.
  • Solicit editorial playlist placement on major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.
  • Determine viability for physical release with broad or targeted physical retailers and based on demand provide boutique release plan for vinyl component.
  • When needed we can execute targeted media advertising campaign,
  • Direct to consumer product strategy.
  • When working with a distributor engage with sales and marketing team to provide direction and information to maximize results.

Glen Firstenberg

Glen has a 20 year career of experience working in all facets of the music business including: digital & sales marketing, social media, playlisting strategies, forecasting analytics and physical sales. Glen has been instrumental in creating and executing retail business and marketing plans for artists including: Eminem, Lady Gaga, U2 and Black Eyed Peas. Glen’s work experience includes heading sales and marketing initiatives for independent label, Restless Records to Universal’s Interscope Records as well as Apple Music/iTunes marketing.


Glen’s field of expertise with The Artist Cooperative is in targeting and securing editorial placement from among all the major DSPs and in facilitating user generated and genre play-listing such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Google Play.  Glen’s music retail and industry contacts are vast and his deep relationships with digital and physical retailers, distributors and emerging music tech companies provides real insight into the evert changing music retail landscape.  Taking into account real time business analysis Glen creates and executes retail sales marketing plans & social media strategy for our clients.

Larry Butler

Larry began his label career as tour manager for such artists as Randy Newman, Ry Cooder and Isaac Hayes.   In the late ‘70s, Larry began working with Warner Bros. Records as an in-house tour manager for brand new artists, bringing professionalism to their staging, performance techniques and touring logistics. Those efforts led to a full-time position at WBR, first as National College Manager, then West Coast Artist Development Director and finally as VP of Artist Relations. Larry spent the next 20+ years touring with an unrivaled roster of talent, winning a couple of PollStar Artist Development Executive awards along the way.


More recently Larry joined Bill Silva Management as General Manager where he coordinated the projects of all the artists and managers there. He also organized and ran Jason Mraz’s publishing during the wild run of “I’m Yours.” Simultaneously, he served as day-to-day manager for Sllva client Robert Francis through his Atlantic Records signing and subsequent #1 single and touring success in Europe. Larry is an ASCAP affiliated writer and publisher and is a fully licensed and bonded California Talent Agent. His most recent book, “The Twelve Lessons of Rock ‘N’ Roll” topped the Amazon/Kindle charts.