Mars Music Radio Services Provides individualized and specialized radio campaigns that target Triple-A, Major Non-comm and Modern Rock Radio, as well as, Active Rock formats.  Radio campaigns require a significant time commitment and varied resources, and therefore, not every artist and project is best served by a traditional set up and GO promotion campaign.  Also, not every radio campaign has the same objective.  We work with our artists and partners to tailor our radio campaigns to focus on touring, build a foundation where the objective is to upstream or to elevate a profile to determine hit potential.

MARS MUSIC RADIO Services seeks to develop projects over a longer timeline, while taking guided steps to educate programmers as marketing and social activity is just beginning.  We build on early programmer interest, work to convert that enthusiasm into local support and spread that story to other.

MARS MUSIC RADIO Services provides independent labels with an experienced national promotion department that enables their clients to develop their roster at radio, where we can then provide a high level of service for a fraction of the cost.  We are also able to develop targeted tour campaigns engaging radio play and strategies for developing artists to upstream to major labels.

MARS MUSIC RADIO Services has successfully executed upstream, tour support and awareness campaigns that add value and achieve overarching goals. In addition, we have a track record in pitching and securing national and local song features from broadcast radio chains, as well as, in targeting Alternative Specialty Programmers.

Mars Music Radio Services specialized support team includes major label executives Lynn McDonnell and Lisa Cristiano, whose collective experience and relationships can engage the decision-makers at broadcast and Sirius/XM radio platforms.

Bob Divney

Bob has been working in the music business for much of his life. Bob got his start working in retail in Chicago while in High School, it was there that he realized working with music was what he was destined to do. While in College at University of Colorado, Bob became a College Rep for CBS Records. Once he graduated, Bob moved west to Los Angeles where he worked retail for a bit, then he landed a job in the infamous Radio & Records mailroom, which led to a job working retail at Macey Lipman Marketing. He built a solid foundation to prepare for his next task which was doing Promotion and Marketing for Warner Bros Records, where he spent the next 23 years of his life. At Warner Brothers Records, Bob spent his first 12 years in the Kansas City/St Louis markets, and in 2001 relocated to his home of Chicago to continue working records at radio. Bob has been instrumental in building the careers of the Goo Goo Dolls, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, REM, Muse, and countless others. Certainly one of Bob’s biggest accomplishments was the role he played in the breaking of the Veronica’s song Untouched a few years ago. Most recently, Bob has been a key figure in the success of Megan and Liz at radio.

Lisa Cristiano

Lisa has spent more than twenty five years working in music, primarily radio promotion and marketing.   She has built her career at large and small companies alike, including Atlantic Records, SONY BMG, Radioactive, WEA, and enjoyed an outstanding 9-year run as VP at MCA and key player in the label’s revitalization during the mid-Nineties.  A guiding force for the teams responsible for the breakthrough success of a long list of artists including The Roots, Sublime, Live, Tool, Blink 182, Semisonic, Fitz and the Tantrums, Lisa has also had the honor of working with musical icons such as The Ramones, Big Star, Big Audio Dynamite and The Talking Heads.