MARS (Music And Radio Services)

MARS Music offers highly customized marketing and radio promotion services for artists and music creators at every stage of their career: Just getting started?  Looking to grow to the next level?  Seasoned pro looking for dedicated, boutique services?   We can help!

We are an elite team who have built our careers at major and indie labels as well as top-level management firms. For the past 10 years, we’ve applied our expertise in marketing, radio promotion, sales/distribution, A&R and more to help guide artists to the next levels of success. Once we learn about you, your music, your vision and goals, we can craft a multi-tier campaign and become an integral part of your team

MARS is your source for:

Marketing –   We can help you formulate and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy, encompassing all the tools and guidance needed to get your music heard and into the culture. We have the ability to present the broad view at 35,000 feet above AND be by your side in the trenches.

Sync/licensing –   We can get your music presented to the supervisors and decision-makers in the sync/licensing world through the efforts of our expert team in the sync/licensing world.  We all know what magic can manifest from just the right “fit” here!

Social media strategy –     We can help you manage and grow your social media presence. Creating, posting and engaging across the multiple social media platforms (IG, TikTok, et al) can be time-consuming and daunting.

MARS is your source for:

Radio Promotion –   We have long-term, unparalleled relationships at radio (both broadcast and satellite radio!).  We are hands-on daily at the Alternative, Triple A/Non Comm, Rock formats. Looking to target formats beyond that? We can help you identify and hire trusted, effective professionals in other radio formats.

Streaming optimization –   We pitch to user-curated playlists, bloggers, YouTubers, et al to help grow your streaming profile. We can guide you through the Spotify For Artists experience.

We can also tailor digital campaigns that will help you achieve – and often exceed – your goals with quantifiable results.


Lisa has spent more than twenty-five years working in music, primarily radio promotion and marketing.   She has built her career at large and small companies alike, including Atlantic Records, SONY BMG, Radioactive, WEA, and enjoyed an outstanding 9-year run as VP at MCA and key player in the label’s revitalization during the mid-Nineties.  A guiding force for the teams responsible for the breakthrough success of a long list of artists including The Roots, Sublime, Live, Tool, Blink 182, Semisonic, Fitz and the Tantrums, Lisa has also had the honor of working with musical icons such as The Ramones, Big Star, Big Audio Dynamite and The Talking Heads.

Mars Music Radio Services specialized support team includes major label executives Lisa Cristiano & Bob Divney whose collective experience and relationships can engage the decision-makers at broadcast and Sirius/XM radio platforms.