As passive music consumption dominates the internet, SATRN Music Marketing helps developing and established artists reach their most active fans through the engagement of indie music retail, brand partnerships, and lifestyle media connections.


Because passionate music fans have never been content with the status quo, we believe that marketing and promotion at music retailers will remain a vital service. Music enthusiasts and true believers are driven to hear, touch and collect music and – have closer connections with artists. SATRN Music Marketing will drive marketing initiatives to meet that passion and further connect fans with artists and their music.


Coordination with touring, promotion, and social strategy helps us inform our direct connection with music buyers and marketing partners to maximize retail visibility. The SATRN Music Marketing ‘Spotlight Program’ highlights new release and tour priorities as part of our retail engagement. SATRN Music Marketing works with top U.S. independent music retailers such as Amoeba Music, Newbury Comics, Bull Moose, Rough Trade, Waterloo, Electric Fetus, Grimey’s, Park Ave, Zia Records, Fingerprints, Easy Street Records, Music Millennium, Twist & Shout, Criminal Records, Dimple Records, Reckless, and many, many more.

Our campaigns include executing and managing the following:


  • Brand partnerships
  • New release and catalog marketing at indie music retail
  • Artist in-stores and events
  • New music release events [coordination of soundcheck events at venues]
  • Independent retail visibility and engagement with 300+ Music & Specialty Retailers
  • Tour Support
  • Record Store Day Event Marketing
  • National artist “Anniversary” events
  • Pop-up stores
  • Creative Feedback for Tools and Promotions
  • Retail Promotion Mailings


  • Solicit key placement for single(s), EP’s and album on all DSP platforms.  Provide editorial marketing and release strategy.
  • Solicit editorial playlist placement on major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.
  • Determine viability for physical release with broad or targeted physical retailers and, based on demand, provide boutique release plan for vinyl component.
  • When needed, we can execute a targeted media advertising campaign.
  • Direct to consumer product strategy.
  • When working with a distributor, engage with sales and marketing team to provide direction and information to maximize results.

Glen Firstenberg

Glen has a 20 year career of experience working in all facets of the music business including: digital & sales marketing, social media, playlisting strategies, forecasting analytics and physical sales. Glen has been instrumental in creating and executing retail business and marketing plans for artists including: Eminem, Lady Gaga, U2 and Black Eyed Peas. Glen’s work experience includes heading sales and marketing initiatives for independent label, Restless Records to Universal’s Interscope Records as well as Apple Music/iTunes marketing.


Glen’s field of expertise with The Artist Cooperative is in targeting and securing editorial placement from among all the major DSPs and in facilitating user generated and genre play-listing such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Google Play.  Glen’s music retail and industry contacts are vast and his deep relationships with digital and physical retailers, distributors and emerging music tech companies provides real insight into the evert changing music retail landscape.  Taking into account real time business analysis Glen creates and executes retail sales marketing plans & social media strategy for our clients.

Sylvia Villarreal

Sylvia began working in music at record stores & a one-stop, before landing a 20+ year career at Warner Music Group. She has worked extensively in marketing, sales, artist development and tour support while connecting with lifestyle partners and major brands such as Fender, Gibson, D’Addario and Audio-Technica. Recognized as an industry leader, Sylvia has won many awards over the years including “Innovator of the Year”. She has been instrumental in developing the Label Services position for WEA focusing on independent retail, utilizing social media and third-party partners for maximum visibility and awareness of new releases. Sylvia has many relationships in the music business, with artists, instrument companies and major brand partners. Her success comes with a strong passion for all styles of music and loves turning the world on to new talent!