THE ARTIST COOPERATIVE is your #1 Music Marketing, Music Streaming Marketing, Radio Promotion, and Campaign  Marketing Company.

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” Hunter S. Thompson


CORRECTION: This quote by Hunter S. Thompson got twisted around and was originally penned from a 1988 story in the San Francisco Examiner where Hunter was referring to the TV industry.  That said, it can also apply to the music business.


As opportunities and the tools for independent artist to create, distribute and try to promote their art, the fog that surrounds the music industry, is easy to get lost in.  Now more than ever before, artists need help to navigate through the maze of options. The barriers for independent artist and independent labels to market and distribute their music has come down, but the competition for hearts and ears has increased exponentially.   WE CAN HELP!


MUSIC MARKETING is the catch all phrase for Radio Promotion, Streaming Promotion and simply put, getting your music pushed into the culture.  Every day I see dozens of Digital Service releases with bad information, wrong talking points and not enough boxes checks on what needs to be done to achieve success in marketing and promoting your music.  WE CAN HELP!


 Many artists and their independent labels are planning song by song and release by release rather than planning for the long term marketing of their artists.  WE CAN HELP!


Almost 30% of all music played on Spotify is from independent artists, expanding that foundation to broadcast radio can be daunting but we can provide affordable campaigns that can move your music from the internet and impact culture through broadcast radio.  Broadcast radio is still the biggest music discovery platform and the most impactful way to expand your audience that can generate sales, streams, help deliver fans to your shows.  A song on the Billboard Chart becomes a part of the public record and a HIT song adds value to your master and publishing and creates a cultural timeframe for your music that can generate sync placements.

The Artist Cooperative and Mars Music Services have a proven track record of success from platinum selling acts to developing artists.  Every artist needs to start somewhere and we have not only laid the ground work for what comes next but also broken artists on a national level.

A few of our success stories….Boy & Bear; Tetrarch; Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness; Weapons of Anew; Big Head Todd; for KING & COUNTRY; Run River North; Tatum Lynn; PVRIS; Asking Alexandria; Low Cut Connie; LIVE; Genevieve; Jackson Browne; Michael Franti; Jocelyn & Chris; Subline with Rome; FIREROSE with Billy Ray Cyrus; Good Old War; NEEDTOBREATHE; Matt Nathanson; Avril Lavigne; O.A.R.;  Tall Heights; Bad Suns; THE DRIVER ERA; David Gray ; Jonathan Davis; Mother Mother; Morrissey; Scars On 45; Steve Lacy; The Veronicas; Goo Goo Dolls; Barenaked Ladies; Terence Ryan; Family Of The Year; Nickelback; Waterboys; Andy Grammar; Guster; The Palms; Dispatch; The Pixies; Passenger; Blink 182; Billy Idol; LP; Sum 41.


The Artist Cooperative can also consult with you and help you execute and achieve success with streaming campaigns at Spotify and YouTube as well as build engagement through your social platforms.  We can further help you set up and execute your album or EP release build a marketing plan and manage your project from setup to release and beyond.


Contact us now, HERE:  We look forward to hearing your music and sharing what we know.  The Artist Cooperative