The Artist Cooperative & MARS MUSIC SERVICES provides Regional and National Radio Promotion services for Top-40, Hot-AC, Triple-A, and Active & Modern Rock Radio formats with promotion representative in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles.


We serve as YOUR Major Label Promotion staff!

When you need to compete among the major label radio promotion priorities, we are your one stop shop and PROMOTE-ME extension of your art, label or management client. We can create and execute a promotion plan to cover single and multiple radio formats as well as providing budgets, timeline and assisting in setting goals and reaching objectives.


The Artist Cooperative works on a monthly retainer basis and serves as your out-sourced radio promotion department where we provide daily updates, weekly reports and conference calls. For labels, we scale our service costs to cover multiple artists at multiple formats that provides exponential savings for our client’s promotional needs. We can also provide individual artist/clients with a dedicated promotion and marketing team that can execute a plan and take your music all the way over multiple release cycles or provide the foundation for ‘up-streaming’ if that is the overarching goal.


The Artist Cooperative can also serve as your label’s in-house promotion and marketing consultants. Our full promotion and marketing team can act as an extension of your label’s branding to provide the workforce of an entire department for less than the cost of a single format head. This can allow your label to compete with major recording labels and devote more of your resources to A&R and artist development and therefore compete more effectively. Contact us for assessment and team pricing.

The Artist Cooperative can also provide exploratory campaigns, on a budget to obtain feedback from decision makers on the viability of your music in the current cultural zeitgeist.

COST: $500

We poll 30 stations across our priority formats for song feedback and provide a detailed report. This information can form the basis of determining the viability of a single and provide a better indication of which format would achieve the best campaign results. It can also provide insight into whether or not additional resources should be put into developing a single.

COST: $800 to $1800*

We provide a detailed report from approximately 50% of a targeted radio panel, (AAA, ACT, ALT, CHR, HAC) and can establish actual set up for a radio campaign as well as providing actual feedback from decisions makers about the competitive viability of your single. Cost is determined by format*

COST: $1000

We can provide national campaign consultation for independent labels and managers for multiple artists, that can include budget estimates, timelines and conference calls explain how promotion and marketing work within the traditional lanes as well as the new platforms. We can also provide regional promotional consultation that includes radio out-reach within one or more of or our six territories.

COST $1600

We can provide editorial marketing on DSP Platforms, (ITunes, Amazon, PlayStore) along with editorial marketing to streaming platforms; Spotify, Apple Beats YouTube, & Pandora. We provide campaign assessment, best practices suggestions, pricing consultation when needed as well as working with aggregators to provide additional attention for placements. We also provide updated information on special marketing programs from among the DSP and streaming platforms that may be relevant to your project. This campaign runs six weeks and can also be maximized utilized in conjunction with our national radio promotion campaign.


Mars Music Services provides a micro-targeted radio promotion approach that super serves artist that can straddle Triple-A/Non-Comm and Modern Rock radio formats. We offer our clients a targeted and long term development cycle that can allow a song time to break-out at a station or in a region.


Mars Music Services also provides independent labels, whose maturing roster requires more radio engagement, the ability to have in house national executives working directly with your A&R and Marketing and artist managers to provide national radio promotion engagement. Mars Music Services works on a project or monthly retainer basis depending on your needs, contact us for assessment and team pricing.